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Dynacon Freezestats

Designed to meet the cost, size and features of your application.

  • We offer 20-ft (609 cm), 10-ft (304.8 cm) freezestats.
  • These Dynacon Freezestats provide low limit temperature control and/or indication in operating dampers, valves, and compressor or fan motors in HVAC systems. .

  • If you can't find what you need, please Contact Us or email us: sales@selcoproducts.com to learn more.

Dynacon's freezestats have manual and automatic reset models available. DPDT (two SPDT) switching action. Are responsive to the lowest temperature sensed along any one-foot section of the capillary element. Setpoint is visible through the front cover and adjustable from the top of the controller case. There is a test lever for manual operation during checkout. Manual reset models cannot be reset until the sensed temperature is at least 5°F (2.8°C) above the setpoint. The automatic reset models automatically reset when sensed temperature rises 5°F (2.8°C) above the setpoint.



Item #


Fs 50 new

2xSPDT Freezestat, Automatic Reset, 20-ft capillary

Fs 50 new

2xSPDT Freezestat, Manual Reset, 20-ft capillary

Fs 64 new 2

2xSPDT Freezestat, Manual Reset, 10-ft capillary

Fs 64 new 2

2xSPDT Freezestat, Automatic Reset, 10-ft capillary

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