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Custom Manufacturing

Selco Products is a UL recognized and ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer offering custom assemblies with fast turn-around. From a simple custom bracket, temperature probe or complex wire harness, our engineers can design your assembly or build directly from your drawing. Selco handles the purchase and inventory of all components and provides a completed assembly ready for easy drop-in-place installation. By ordering the product fully assembled, you save time and money in all areas – engineering, purchasing, invoicing, receiving, labor and production. Our wide-ranging custom manufacturing capabilities can meet virtually any requirement! Custom products are made in Reno, Nevada, United States!

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Custom Assemblies

Electronic Controls

  • Standard and Custom configurations
  • Different types of controls, inputs, outputs, user interfaces and communications protocols
  • Extensive software libraries
  • Support for UL/CE approval for your controls

NTC Thermistor Probes

  • Accuracies from ± 0.1°C to ± 10%
  • Wide variety of R-T curve materials
  • Excellent field stability and stringent process controls
  • Corrosion resistant custom thermistor probe housings
  • Custom packaging of discrete thermistors to produce thermistor probe assemblies
  • High pressure (PSI) rated custom thermistor probe housings
  • Moisture resistant custom thermistor probe assemblies
  • Custom lead forming or lead trimming on DO-35 (DT Series) thermistors

Thermostat Probes

  • Fixed factory calibration up to 550ºF
  • Creep action or snap action thermal protection
  • Resistive and inductive motor loads
  • High pressure (PSI) probe housings available
  • High amperage - up to 20 Amp
  • For custom probe ordering map - CLICK HERE

Wire Harnesses & Multi Conductor Cable

  • Wire harnesses from 8-30AWG
  • Heater wire harness assemblies
  • Choose your wire, cable and connectors
  • Stripping, crimping, labeling and tie-wrapping

Additional Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Epoxy over molding or custom over molding
  • Heat shrink tubing, high temperature sleeving, spiral wrap tubing, teflon sleeves
  • Custom brackets or precision machined components
  • Lead termination with specialty connectors and crimp terminals
  • Clips and clamps
  • Custom plastic sub-assemblies for thermistors and thermal products
  • Custom cable assemblies
  • Fully automated cutting, stripping and crimping for wire and cable
  • Full assortment or terminal crimping hand tools
  • Design, concept, lay out and tool designs
  • Low and high volume operations
  • Prototyping including 3D samples

Selco Products also uses an extensive line of quality machines and equipment. In addition to our equipment and work stations, we are fully equipped to handle special packaging, printing and marking per customer's requirements

Manufacturing Equipment

  • Stapla ultrasonic welder
  • Schleuniger Crimp Center 36 fully automatic crimping machine
  • Spectrum laser stripper
  • Solder screen
  • Juki SMT pick and place
  • Lovell convection reflow oven
  • Wave solder
  • PCB assembly and rework stations

Special Packaging

  • Custom logos/specialty printing
  • Bagging/tagging/kitting
  • Barcode labels
  • Part number identification
  • Lot codes
  • Serialization
  • Black or white inkjet printing
  • Heat shrink labels