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Temperature Controls

Selco Products distributes and manufactures temperature controls. As a leader of temperature controls in North America, Selco has earned a reputation for excellent service and high quality products. Select an option here to find the best product(s) for your application.

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Custom Manufacturing

From a simple custom bracket, temperature probe or complex wire harness, our engineers can design your assembly or build directly from your drawing. Our wide-ranging custom manufacturing capabilities can meet virtually any requirement.

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Our Service Makes the Difference

Since 1958, Selco Products has served a wide variety of markets on a strong yet simple foundation of personal service. With corporate headquarters in Reno, Nevada, our sales force consists of direct and manufacturer representatives and authorized distributors throughout North America and Mexico.

Every member of our customer support team is dedicated to the goal of providing you with knowledgeable assistance, timely response to special requirements, and prompt delivery. Selco’s ISO 9001:2008 certification demonstrates our commitment to quality and excellence

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Customers Looking for Small Quantities

Have a small order or need a part off the shelf? Maybe you need to repair or replace a part? A Selco distributor might be the perfect fit for you.

Our distributors have the ability to work with you for service, repair, replacement parts or just a small off the shelf order. They can assist in getting you the product(s) you need quickly.



What Our Customers are Saying

"At Proluxe we believe that smart equipment increases food consistency and kitchen efficiency. We focus on developing innovative equipment to increase kitchen output and reduce labor costs to help restaurants grow and scale. We're obsessively passionate about it, and it’s our mission to help serve every customer. In order to accomplish our mission we rely on valued and esteemed suppliers to help keep our assembly line moving. We will continue to work with Selco on our future projects and look forward to working with their team from great customer service, design engineering support, and all the way through production. Thank you Selco!"

Tyler Gillson

Purchasing Manager

"VMAC takes great pride in supplying top quality products to our customers and we are able to achieve this by partnering with valuable suppliers such as Selco. We appreciate the care and concern displayed by the Selco Customer Service team, alerting us to any potential issues with our purchase orders. The Selco Engineering team has been instrumental in assisting us with our custom products and we can always count on the reliability of the temperature probes to keep our systems running. Well done Selco, keep up the great work!"

Pam Henselin


Our relationship with Selco began in 2012, when we asked them for assistance with a component part (Low Pressure Control) which was experiencing high levels of failure in the field. The team at Selco accepted this challenge; and through a collaborative effort with Ice-O-Matic, developed a product which effectively “eliminated” this failure issue while remaining cost competitive. In my 10+ years of experience working with Selco, they have proven to be one of Ice-O-Matic’s most reliable partners. In a “nutshell”, they for provide quality products, in a timely manner, while maintaining a keen awareness of their customers’ need for them to do so in a cost-effect manner.

Scott Dewar

Supply Chain Analyst

From one family owned and operated of 65+ years to another, we are proud to be a partner with Selco. Being a leading manufacturer of custom foodservice equipment requires a reliable partner. Since 1997, Selco Products has proved to be an outstanding supplier in all essential areas. As new requirements come up or even an immediate need, Selco can usually find something off the shelf or have the Engineering team design a drop-in replacement in a timely manner. Lead times are steady and reliable, and our blanket order system works out nicely for on time deliveries.The entire team is great to work with!

AJ Antunes

Purchasing Manager

“A German manufacturer of our most popular freezestat decided to cease production with very little notice. This is a very specialized thermostat and we could not find an alternative source until we found Selco and CAEM. Selco had a similar product that would require some new tooling, machines and investment to make four models drop in alternatives. That was four years ago and have had quality products and on time deliveries ever since. We could not be happier with this relationship."

Todd Smith

Purchasing Manager

Need a Custom Solution?

Our engineering and manufacturing capabilities are next level and we have a team of people ready to work with you.

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