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Heating Capillary Thermostats

Remote Sensing Electric Bulb and Capillary Controls

Bulb and capillary thermostats have a fluid filled bulb and respond quickly to change in temperature. When temperature rises the bulb fluid expands via the capillary tube to an expandable diaphragm or bellows to open or close the contacts. Bulb and capillary thermostats provide design engineers flexibility to place the sensor in remote locations. The remote bulb and capillary are available in copper or stainless steel in lengths up to 13 feet. These temperature sensors are used in a variety of applications as temperature and regulating devices or high limit safety sensors.


Heating Capillary Thermostats Resources


Many models are available such as auto reset, manual reset, double pole manual reset and fail safe manual reset. They are used in commercial and domestic heating and cooling applications. They are available in SPST or SPDT type configurations (Single pole single throw) (Single pole double throw) Electrical ratings as high as 30 amp. Accessories can include knobs, bezels, compression fittings gold contacts or ground terminals. Many models available from stock or built to your specification.

  • SPST break on temperature rise 20A adjustable
  • SPDT make on temperature rise 20A adjustable
  • Manual reset “fail safe”Manual reset double pole
  • Manual reset 30 amp capacity
  • Auto reset 30 amp capacity
  • Enclosure thermostat IP40 protection

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