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Creep Action Probe Thermostats

CPO/CPC Creep Action Series

Selco’s probe thermostats are a Slow Make-Slow Break controlling device featuring fixed factory preset calibrations ranging from 41°F-302°F (5°C-150°C). Probe thermostats can either open or close on temperature rise with little or no differentials (hysteresis). Probe housings are a one piece brass or stainless steel construction and can have high pressure ratings if specified. Each model is designed to suit your new or existing application with all environmental conditions in mind. All models are UL approved and produced in Reno, NV.


Creep Action Probe Thermostats Resources

How to Order

Step 1: Choose one of the 50 brass or stainless steel thermowells from stock. Some of these thermowells were designed for high pressure applications rated up to 9000 PSI
Probe Housings

Step 2: Choose the internal sensor which is either creep action or snap action.
Probe Datasheet

Creep Action: Slow make/slow break switching action. No built-in differential between the opening and closing temperature. Maximum load 6 amp and limited to ¼” NPT.

Snap Action: Snap action bimetal disc open or close on rise with built in differential. Maximum load 20 amp.

Step 3: Choose the wire type Probe Order Map

Custom Probe Thermostat RFQ

From concept to creation, Selco has you covered. Our engineering and manufacturing expertise can assist you with your probe thermostat needs!

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