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eCap Series: eCap-XXXXX-XX

Item # eCap-XXXXX-XX

eCap with a knob
  • Ecap w knob 1 rgb
  • Ecap angled on end rgb
  • Ecap btm angled on end lft rgb
  • Ecap w sensors rgb
  • Ecap sensors group rgb


12-24VAC/VDC or 85-250VAC


XAPX2, XAPX8 under file E230832

Sensor Inputs:

Two NTC inputs -OR-
 One RTD/TC and two NTC inputs -OR-
 Two RTD/TC inputs
 *Contact Selco for more info regarding our value added capabilities for sensor assemblies

Relay Outputs:

Dual relay 20A and 12A
  Single relay 20A
 12-24VAC/VDC for SSR
 Single relay 30A
  *See Part Number Configurator for more info


Potentiometer for adjustable versions
 Reprogrammable through on-board comm port


Custom mounting brackets
 Custom or standard knobs for potentiometer

Selco’s eCap series electronic temperature controller uses NTC thermistors, J- or K- type thermocouples, and/or RTD sensors to control up to 2 relay outputs. The controller is supplied in an environmentally sealed plastic enclosure and is rated for pollution levels up to Level 3 for harsh environments. Because the eCap is electronic, it can be programmed to open or close on rise. It can also be made adjustable to your specified temperature range, and is supplied with a potentiometer for user temperature adjustment. Fixed temperature versions that prevent user tampering are also available. Several add-on accessories are coming soon, including PC desktop software, USB key/dongle, optional external digital readout, and the Selco app for smartphones.