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1/2" Disc Thermostats

Selco’s comprehensive line of highly reliable switches utilize a temperature sensitive bi-metal disc, electrically isolated from the switch. The bi-metal disc is retained by a metal heat conducting sensing cap and are all single pole, single throw non-adjustable switches. To provide flexibility for customer specific applications, we offer a variety of terminal and mounting configurations.

Custom Manufacturing options are available including: brackets, pipe and tube mounts, lead termination, over-molding and epoxy sealing.


Designed to meet the cost, size and features of your application.

  • 1/2" Discs are rated to 15Amps
  • Our selection includes phenolic, polyester, and ceramic body styles, a variety of mounting options and terminal configurations.
  • Custom designs available upon request. See Selco's LEP Series and LPH and LPHD Series

Need a Custom Solution?

Our engineering and manufacturing capabilities are next level and we have a team of people ready to work with you.

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