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Push On Conventional

Selco's conventional push-on knobs. They are manufactured in nylon material with a finely textured matte finish. The conventional range will require a separate loose cap to be inserted before or after the installation process. Our push-on knobs provide a simple and secure shaft attachment. The internal molding grips the shaft securely. Some D shape shafts have an internal metal compression ring and are available in 4mm, 6mm or .250" diameters with specific flat sizes. If a line is desired, the printed line is located adjacent to the flat side but any line position is available with minimum order requirement. The alternative is a 6mm splined shaft to fit a knurled potentiometer. Selco offers a full line of push-on knobs including concentric, two color injection molded, soft rubber, encoder, slider, illuminated, pointer, skirted, dial, and bar types.

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