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399-2701X-XXXX Water Heater Control

An electronic assembly that controls a water heater in a residential application. In addition to being compact, it has three capacitive sensing buttons that the user pushes to power the unit and to adjust the water temperature up and down. Has an 11-level LED bar that provides a visual water temperature status to the user and uses qty 2 NTC thermistors for regulating and safety sensing. Ideal for use in Water Heater applications but can be used in a variety of others!


Control for water heaters 40A TRIAC is ideal for driving resistive heaters and is able to go above the typical 100,000 cycle rating Universal power supply to work under 110 to 245 VAC Ready for worldwide agency approvals A compact footprint of 2.75” by 4.8” by 1” height Designed to meet 10-year warranty High-reliability JST connectors and quick connects for power supply


Product Series

Custom Electronic Controls


Compact Foodprint: 2.75" x 4.8" x 1" height

Controller Type

Custom Control Board


Water Heaters, And Many More!

Input Power

110VAC to 245VAC


Ready for worldwide agency approvals


This particular sku is not for sale and is meant to showcase Selco's custom engineering ability. Call us to discuss your custom control needs!


399-2701X-XXXX Water Heater Control Resources

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