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NTC Thermistors

NTC Thermistors

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Selco offers discrete and custom probe assembly NTC thermistors with interchangeable accuracies ranging from ±0.05°C to ±1.0°C over a number of accuracy temperature ranges. We also can supply resistance tolerances from ±1.0% to ±10.0% at 25°C or at specific temperatures.

Our CP series thermistors can be custom configured to meet the customer’s application requirements—including customer specified probe housing, lead wires, and connectors. Selco can supply thermistor wire harness assemblies as part of the package if desired. We also offer custom TPE or TPEE over molded thermistors assemblies completely eliminate the potential of moisture intrusion. The CS series is an epoxy encapsulated assembly with insulated leads that can be packaged into probe assemblies or PCB mounted. Selco offers a tiny series of highly accurate (±0.1°C typically over 0°C to 70°C)---series LSMC, LSMN, and LS—that range in probe diameter from 0.0185” to 0.078”. They can be used for medical and other applications calling for tiny sensor monitoring.

Selco’s discrete NTC thermistor family includes precision interchangeable (±0.05°C to ±1.0°C over a variety of accuracy temperature ranges ) IN series epoxy encapsulated thermistors, DT series DO-35 packaged glass thermistors with interchangeable accuracies as high as ±0.2°C over 0°C to 70°C, RG series radial glass bead thermistors, TF series thin film thermistors, PM series point matched thermistors, and SM series SMT thermistors.

In addition, Selco’s IN, DT, TF, and CS series thermistors have been certified to UL 1434 File# E497986.

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