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Custom Electronic Controls

Custom Electronic Controls

Designed to meet the cost, size and features that you require. Follow all UL/CE standards.

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For applications where high precision temperature control is required and where time and/or temperature reading must be displayed, these electronic controls offer an advanced solution over standard electro-mechanical component thermostats.

Selco offers high-end electronic features to provide extremely precise sensing and control of heating, cooling and humidity. Typical applications include cooling and heating controls for Cooking Equipment (Griddles/presses), Ovens, Refrigerators, Freezers, Liquid Dispensing machines, Dehumidifiers, Water Heaters, Industrial Controls and HVAC equipment. Products are available in Standard, Enclosed and Custom Controls.



Item #


399 6012 xr rgb

Custom electronic assembly that communicates with a user interface PCBA for temperature readout and user interaction, controls multiple cooling zones, activates lighting in the appliance, and senses door status (open or close). Ideal for the Refrigeration industry/application appliances market

399 2701b rgb

An electronic assembly that controls a water heater in a residential application. In addition to being compact, it has three capacitive sensing buttons that the user pushes to power the unit and to adjust the water temperature up and down. Has an 11-level LED bar that provides a visual water temperature status to the user and uses qty 2 NTC thermistors for regulating and safety sensing. Ideal for use in Water Heater applications but can be used in a variety of others!

2740 c rgb blank

An industrial heater control featuring 30mA ground fault detection. The 4 digit 7 segment display shows measured temperature, setpoint temperature in °F or °C, and alarm conditions (temp sensor failure, high or low temp and ground fault) if detected. Programmable for temperature setpoints up to 200°F and can switch up to 30A of current.

2703 c rgb blank

A custom on/off control for freeze protection on pipes, oor heating, snow melting, and flow maintenance. It can control a single heat tracing unit, or can be used as a pilot control of a contactor that switches multiple heat tracing circuits. The temperature setpoint is dialed in using the potentiometer. Three indicator LEDs show Power (green when power available), Sensor (red when a sensor failure is present), and Htr On (green when heating cable is on).

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