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Selco Products Announces IPC Certification Achievement

In its continuing commitment to ISO quality, Selco Products has announced completion of two IPC certifications. IPC (formerly known as the Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits) is dedicated to furthering competitive excellence in the electronics industry and certification has become recognized as a statement of quality assurance.

Selco Products Company is committed to providing knowledgeable technical assistance, timely response to special requirements and prompt product delivery. With Selco, you’ll soon discover that “Our Service Makes the Difference” motto is evident in every phase of your contact with us.

Selco's wide range of temperature control products serve a variety of industries including appliance, HVAC, medical, telecommunications, food service, and instrumentation. In addition to standard products, Selco also offers customized assemblies, such as custom thermistor probe assemblies, which provide turnkey solutions that can significantly improve your bottom line. We also serve many industries that utilize LEDs for illumination in applications such as cargo trucks, security and emergency lighting, indication, marine, and more.

Contact Selco Products for more information about electric thermostats, NTC thermistors, temperature probes, electronic temperature control, high-bright LED lighting, control knobs, panel instruments, and photocells.