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About Thermistors

What is Thermistor

NTC thermistors are used for temperature control and monitoring. They are temperature sensitive resistors with a negative temperature coefficient (NTC) meaning as temperature increases, the resistance drops.

Selco NTC Thermistors

Selco Products offers NTC thermistors with accuracies ranging from ± 0.5°C to ± 10%. Our CP and CS NTC thermistor assemblies can be customized to meet your exact application requirements for probe housing materials, lead wire gauges, insulation types, and connectors. We offer a highly accurate series of tiny NTC thermistor assemblies—LS, LSMN, and LSMC series—that range in diameter from 0.78” down to 0.0185” that can be placed in very tiny locations to monitor temperature. Selco’s discrete thermistor family includes precision interchangeable, DO-35 glass encapsulated thermistors, think film, point matched, and miniature epoxy encapsulated thermistors. Explore our product family of NTC thermistor assemblies and discrete thermistors.

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