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WSPF Series

The new WSPF series is a line of compact plug-in signal converters. With multiple configurations from which to choose, you’ll find the correct Isolator, Distributor, Temperature Converter or Sensor Signal Input Converter for your application’s needs. These CE approved devices are compatible with most power supply voltages, including 120-240VAC, 24VDC, 30VDC and 110VDC. They have a dielectric strength of up to 3000VAC and carry a five year warranty.



Item #


35 wspf dsw

Dual-output Isolator

36 wspf de

High-speed Response Isolator

37 wspf dew

Dual-output High-speed Response Isolator

38 wspf dbz

Distributor (Current Loop Supply)

39 wspf dbzw

Dual-output Distributor (Current Loop Supply)

40 wspf ths

Thermocouple Converter

41 wspf thw

Dual-output Thermocouple Converter

42 wspf rts

RTD Converter

43 wspf rtw

Dual-output RTD Converter

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