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NWP Explosion proof thermostat
  • Wkf31 solo
  • Wkf5 with plate


Explosion Proof (Remote Sensing)


Close On-Rise (Normally Open); Open On-Rise (Normally Closed)


SPST, SPDT or SPST with forced off

Temperature Range:

-33°F to 59°F (-36°C to 15°C)


9°F to 45°F (5°C to 25°C)

Capillary Length:

To be specified


To be specified



Electrical Rating:

125 VAC, 8 Amps / 250VAC, 5 Amps, Resistive, 200,000 Cycles
125 VAC, 6 FLA, 36 LRA / 250 VAC, 4 FLA, 24 LRA, Inductive, 200,000 Cycles

Insulation Resistance:

100 MΩ (with a 500 VDC megger)

Dielectric Strength:

1.500 VAC/1 minute


UL E195847

With concerns about protecting the environment, industries and customers are looking for alternative refrigerants.  Using a hydrocarbron refrigerant such as R290 and R134a is the solution. Hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerant has no ozone depleting properties. They are now the safest and most cost effective way to cool and freeze applications that are filled with R600. The NWP series are electromechanical, snap action, automatic reset thermostats.  They are user adjustable in the field.  The NWP series was designed with a special housing which gives it anti explosion proof performance  in accordance to the IEC/IEN standard 60079-15.