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  • Self-Hold Thermal Protectors Prevent Contact Breakage in High Voltage Applications

    November 09, 2009

    Selco Products UB8P and UB81P Self-Hold Thermal Cut-Out and Thermal Protectors are designed to provide overheat protection in high voltage applications. With a high 16 Amp capability, the protectors are well suited for thermal overload protection in a broad range of applications, including space heaters, dishwashers, mixers, blenders, grinders and other electronic appliances. (read more...)

  • New Appliance Knob Features Engravings that Withstand Washing and Wear

    October 15, 2009

    Selco Products has introduced the new Appliance Knob-60-1-6 featuring permanent engraved lettering that won’t wear off as with standard silk screening or pad imprinting. The new knob maintains its sheen and integrity under constant wear and washing and can be ordered with custom markings and logos at extremely low-cost. Typical uses include commercial food equipment, cabinets, BBQ’s, fryers, display cases and ovens. (read more...)

  • Electronic Controllers Provide Optimum Precision for Heating, Cooling and Humidity

    September 15, 2009

    Selco/ECC’s 2698 and 2699 Cold/Hot Controllers offer high-end electronic features to provide extremely sophisticated sensing and control of heating, cooling and humidity. Typical applications include cooling or heating control for cooking equipment, freezers, refrigerators and dehumidifiers. The electronic controllers offer a cost-effective replacement for users desiring high precision temperature and time control, and/or temperature reading display capabilities. (read more...)

  • Capillary Thermostats Offer Accurate Cold Temperature Control for Variety of Refrigeration Applications

    July 02, 2009

    Selco Products’ complete line of Cold Capillary Thermostats provide the ideal temperature control solution for a wide variety of commercial and consumer refrigeration applications. These cold capillary thermostats have UL, CSA and VDE approval, and are available in a wide selection of preset temperature ranges and differentials. Typical applications include refrigeration, freezer, beverage cooler, display case and air conditioner applications. (read more...)

  • Selco Introduces LED Assemblies and Single Package LED Components

    May 30, 2009

    Selco Products Company has expanded its product offering to include the new CL Series LED Lighting Assemblies and Single Package LED Components. Both product lines feature high-bright lighting and low power consumption suitable for a variety of applications. (read more...)

  • Selco's New OMH Thermostat Series Provides UL Approved High Limit Safety Device for Applications Requiring Manual Reset Temperature Control

    January 28, 2009

    Selco Products has announced the immediate availability of the new High Temperature Manual Reset ½” Thermostat OMH Series. Incorporating a Polyphenylene Resin Body, the new series is designed to meet a temperature shut-off up to 400ºF for applications requiring a UL approved high limit safety device. Typical applications include temperature control for beverage equipment, commercial and residential appliances, food equipment, HVAC equipment, and heaters. (read more...)