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LEP, LPH and LPHD Products Have IP67 Certification

Selco Products has received an IP67 certification on manufactured parts with LEP, LPH and LPHD designs.  

The IP67 rating protects against access to hazardous parts (6 = dust tight) and any affects against temperature submersion in water, up to 30 minutes/1 Meter depth (7). Depending on the design, the three different value-added options that Selco offers have an advantage in the marketplace with this certification.

The LEP, over-molded option, is a cost-effective solution. For over 20 years, Selco has been manufacturing LEPs, which were the original products offered in value added. The LPH is a lower horizontal profile to better fit in an application with space constraints. Lastly, the LPHD is designed so more material could grab onto the sensing cap with different epoxy types. It can be used in a variety of simple to complex applications. The LPH and LPHD models use different epoxy types and there are a variety of configurations available.

Features include:

  • Prevention of corrosion on components
  • Easier to incorporate into wire harnesses
  • Designed to be a plug and play component
  • Available with standard and custom housings, connectors and leads.

These thermostats can be found in many different industries and applications where moisture exists. Some of the most prominent are steam applications, beverage dispensing, marine, high-temperature pressure hoses, food equipment, outdoor thermal imaging cameras, commercial lighting solutions, telecommunications, HVAC, construction equipment, generators, water heaters, power converters and inverters, and electric motors and pumps.

These controls are still compact and perform the same function to just a bare disc thermostat. They were designed to be an easy drop in replacement of current component(s) in an application.

“We can provide a low cost solution for Ingress Protection on our disc thermostats,” says Manufacturing Manager, Don Miller. “With our new IP67 certification, we are excited to help our customers get this into their applications.”

Custom products are built to order so if there is a need, please consult with Selco directly. We will ensure a competitive price and lead time be provided.

Learn more about IP67 certification here

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