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Selco Products has turned 60!

Few companies our size are able to celebrate 60 years of service to our industry and our community. We contribute our success to the founder Bill Wilkinson, a brilliant businessman and compassionate man who laid a solid foundation built on service, excellence, innovation and true concern for each member of the team. Along the way, employees have contributed a great deal in developing Bill’s vision into reality. New employees came along with their own management styles that brought unique perspective and knowledge to the organization.

Today, Selco Products stands as a leader and expert in the temperature control industry and is well known for its unique approaches to solving the challenges of the industry while offering new products and expanded functionality.  Selco’s current product families are known for temperature monitoring, control, accuracy and safety.

Selco will continue to make the best products in the industry. Our vision for decades to come is to continue to be a leader through service, technology and innovation. We will build leading edge temperature control and sensing products that bring value to the industry and our customers.  We will continue to strive each day to make our company a better place to work and being of additional service to our community and each other.

We look forward to Selco’s continued success and thank you for being part of the journey!

Our Service Makes the Difference,
Tim Wilkinson, CEO

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